Port Eads is located at the southern tip of the Mississippi river, also known as the South Pass in Plaquemines Parish. It is the southernmost point in Louisiana. The region was made famous by Captain James Buchanan Eads who developed a system of wooden jetties preventing the mouth of the river from silting up. This innovation opened up the Mississippi River for commercial trade doubling the amount of goods reaching New Orleans. Port Eads was completely devastated by Hurricane Katrina, all that remained of the original structure was the lighthouse. Due to the economic importance to Louisiana, Plaquemines Parish enlisted assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to rebuild the dock, both North and South camps, and a state of the art marina. In April 2014 the High Adventure Company was selected to operate and manage the marina and fishing camps.


The newly constructed marina at Port Eads offers slips for 60 boats, available for annual lease or transient mooring. In addition to the slips the marina has over 17,500 square feet of dock space with a large fish scale located on the main dock. Diesel, gasoline, and ice will be available year round for South Pass customers.

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Start where the road ends south of New Orleans in Venice, Louisiana and travel with us another 20 miles downriver to the mouth of the mighty Mississippi itself. Stay with us at the historic Port Eads Marina and Lodges. The newly constructed, state of the art facilities have been built on the original location, including two expanded and updated lodges. The Port Eads lodges offer anglers the ability to fish the blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico without making the long, sometimes dangerous runs back to marinas up the Mississippi or the various marinas located on the FL, AL, MS and TX coasts. Each lodge, known respectively, as the “North” and “South” camps, can host up to 24 anglers with all the comforts of home, including: private baths in each bedroom, large screen satellite TV’s, fully stocked bar, and a full service restaurant. Space is available on a per bed or room basis. In addition to the lodges, anglers can relax around the tiki bar located on 17,500 square feet of new construction dock with a spectacular view of the South Pass. Short-term and transient slip rentals are available for our guests on a first come, first served basis.

Per bed night: $125
Exclusive room per night: $625

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Located inside the large lodge known as the North Camp, our restaurant is suitably named Finley’s. Named after High Adventure Company’s executive chef Sean Finley, our restaurant incorporates the best local and regional ingredients into a dining experience not to be missed. You would be impressed with our food if we were located in New Orleans, not to mention 20 miles out in the marsh! In addition to our restaurant, catering is available for boats heading for a day on the water, and trust us, these are not your typical “marina box lunches”. Only the best will do if it has Finley’s name on it! Starting mid-summer 2014 gourmet dinners, paired with fine wines, will be available served on your boat while moored at Port Eads.


The waters at the mouth of the Mississippi River have been often described as the most fertile waters in the world. The combination of these nutrient rich waters, in close proximity to the continental shelf, sets the stage for one of the planet’s most incredible fisheries. Port Eads anglers will have the options to fish the nearby blue water in search of the giant tuna and marlin that call the Gulf home; visit the offshore rigs, bottom fishing for some of the most desirable species for the table; or head into the adjacent marshes for the tackle busting giant redfish and speckled trout that first made this fishery famous.

Sporting Classics Magazine described Port Eads as “…the number one marina and fishing destination in the Gulf of Mexico.”

The management company, High Adventure at Port Eads, has expertise in both developing and operating some of the top sporting destinations in the world. They have partnered with the top boats and captains in the region to bring clients the best fishing that the Gulf and marshes have to offer. Daily charters can be booked for both offshore and inshore fishing on boats of various sizes to accommodate groups of any size.

Anglers can return each day from fishing to the magnificent new lodges where they will enjoy professionally prepared local and regional cuisine to round out the whole experience. With accommodations for up to 48 anglers, Port Eads is the perfect destination for both small private groups, or for corporate entertaining.

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The Port Eads Fishing Refuge is a non-profit corporation and operates exclusively for educational and charitable purposes within the meaning of Section 501(C)3 of the internal revenue code of 1986, or the corresponding section of any future federal tax code. It was created and approved by the Plaquemines Parish Council Resolution 13-179 on December 12, 2013.

The Purpose of this corporation, PEFR, is to effectively manage the Port Eads marina, restaurant, and lodges complex and to promote and educate the public about the unique marine fisheries and ecology in Plaquemines Parish and to encourage visitors to enjoy Plaquemines Parish's unique coastal, cultural and outdoor experiences.


Port Eads is located at 29.00.56N and 89.10.15W near the mouth of the South Pass of the Mississippi River. It has been a strategic port and navigation center dating back to its creation in the 1800's, and was a critical part of developing the economic viability of New Orleans as an ocean port and premier catalyst of the Mississippi River trade engine for many decades.

In 1866, James Buchanan Eads developed a wooden jetty system at the mouth of South Pass, harnessing the Mississippi River to carve a deeper channel that helped double trade within a very short period of time. Captain Eads "jetty" system is the forebearer of the rock jetty system used around the world, and it all began at Port Eads.

In more recent times, Port Eads was a very busy U.S. Coast Guard outpost during WWII, and since then has developed into the epicenter of billfishing and tuna fishing in the northen Gulf of Mexico. Additionally, Port Eads rests within the Pass a Loutre Wildlife Management Area (Founded Nov. 1, 1921), and is located at the southern end of the Great Mississippi Flyway, home of some of Louisiana's best waterfowl hunting. Numerous state record speckled trout, redfish, and other coastal species including the state record tarpon, have all been taken in the waters just surrounding Port Eads.

The original Port Eads facility was at the center of Hurricane Katrina's path of destruction, and compliments of the determination on the part of several members of Plaquemines Parish government, the new Port Eads was rebuilt on the original site situated on either side of the lighthouse still standing and orginally completed in 1881.


The Port Eads Fishing Refuge hopes to continue and greatly expand the legacy of conservation, education in the marine sciences, pelagic species studies, coastal preservation, pollution monitoring, weather research and monitoring, and more, through local, regional, and national partnerships.

Our collaborators, current and future, are the Plaquemines Parish school system, YMCA, LUMCON, UNOLS, NOAA, LDWLF, The Billfish Foundation, University of Miami, LSU, Tulane, University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Coast Research Lab, Restor America's Estuaries, Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana, to name a few.

From YMCA youth education days, to the first ever Gulf of Mexico satellite tagging expedition this summer, to Restore America's Estuaries annual board meeting, to some of the best recreational fishing tournaments in the lower 48, Port Eads has it all for so many to enjoy and for others to educate and learn. The critically acclaimed Garden & Gun and Sporting Classics Magazines hold the facility and its people in very high regard.

Why Port Eads Fishing Refuge Nonprofit Corporation needs partners, collaborators, grants, endowments, and supporters:

  • Maintain the state of the art physical plant facility in first class condition
  • Capital projects include construction of two "wet" research labs for our scientific community collaborators
  • Cluster lodges for reasearchers, family groups, government and coporate users
  • Seaplane docks for safer transportation logistics
  • Build out of the learning center, a "show and tell" facility right on the shore of the South Pass
  • Promote our unique, natural, and unblemished coastal environment and develop Port Eads to its maximum potential
  • South Pass lighthouse restoration - a near term priority


High Adventure at Port Eads manages the marina and lodges at the South Pass. It’s sister company, The High Adventure Company, is considered by many to be one of the top international outfitting company in the world. Don’t take our word for it just see what the press says.

“The High Adventure Company has an unparalleled record for developing small, high quality operations, into some of the finest sporting destinations in the world”
Sporting Classics Magazine

“Burrell has emerged as one of the South’s leading sporting figures and one of the most sought after outfitters in the world”
Garden and Gun Magazine

“THE top shelf operator of sporting lodges worldwide”
Men’s Journal

“One of the most respected operators of the finest sporting lodges worldwide”
Eddie Bauer

The High Adventure Company built their reputation by taking care of one client at a time and exceeding their expectations. High Adventure at Port Eads will operate under the same principles. Come to Port Eads and see why Sporting Classics Magazine has already called it “… the number one marina and fishing destination in the Gulf of Mexico”.